Every year, thousands of children die from vaccine-preventable diseases.
Our mission is simple: Eradicate vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Vaccine Clinic has been a trusted member of the Houston community for over a decade, committed to providing low- to no-cost vaccines for children. With an emphasis on underinsured and underserved areas that have few options for medical care, we aim to increase availability and choices for parents and caregivers.

The Vaccine Clinic specializes in providing vaccines and check-ups for children only. This makes our process more efficient and our service consistently excellent.

We gladly accept Medicaid and cash.

By focusing on vaccinations, we hope to increase the immunization rates in our community and help stem the rise of vaccine-preventable diseases. With five locations, The Vaccine Clinic will continue to save lives by providing a much-needed service to the community.

The Vaccine Clinic has been honored by the City of Houston with a formal recognition and trophy for successfully implementing its vaccination efforts.

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